About Pragati

Across the educational spectrum, pragati reigns supreme with its own brand of momentum and milestones, the students-centric educational system and the true ambience of a temple of learning pragati nurtures set it apart from other institutions in a milieu where quality educations almost lost its flavor and fragrance, pragati with its unmatched vision and unparalleled commitment has redefined the virtues of quality education and remained a paragon. The phenomenal growth of pragati, in stature and strength, can be attributed to futuristic planning and execution of academic policies with human touch. The fact that pragati has become the household name in the whole East Godavari District speaks about the height of name and fame pragati has been credited with for two decades.

Word From Director                       

Dear Parents and students

It is indeed a pleasant privilege to share some of my views through this page. pragati Institutions, as you are aware established its own identity in providing Quality Education coupled with personality development of the child.
You are aware that children's training in the early years goes a long way towards preparing them for difficult academic and life tasks they are required to master later. Systematic care fully planned and direct, first hand experiences of objects and events set the child on the path of healthy intellectual development. 

Using project method, the institutions provide a rich, stimulating and satisfying environment for the promotion of all round intellectual, emotional, physical, social and ethical development. It is a method not of “teaching” by the child. It aims at selecting topics within a child’s experiences.

The secondary school spares no efforts in inverting and implementing educational programmers to create individuals that keep pace with the changing times. It has always been very careful to see that balance between academics and co-curricular activities are well maintained. The institutions environment provides a rich and stimulating atmosphere for a complete intellectual, emotional, physical and ethical development. The students are diligent learners who not only excel in academic but also in sports and other extra-curricular activities. As a whole the institutions aim at providing sound training in secular atmosphere. It also creates a common platform for children of other institutions.

Learning content of the textbook alone cannot cater to the needs of the child to develop his/her personality. Planning of the academic year in the institutions aim at developing analytical approach, logical thinking and relief from the unwanted stress. It helps the child to attempt competitive examinations confidently. You may agree that in the parent’s scenario, improvement of Communication skills plays a significant role and this aspect is very carefully handled in the institutions through its dedicated, highly talented and experienced faculty. Of course, Parental role is also very vital in the implementation of the institutions activities in a systematic way. In fact parental interest & initiation shall help the child to grow and move towards progress.

I grab this opportunity to humbly appeal to all the parents to join hands with the institutions in implementing the vision of the institutions successfully to shape the their children and make them useful citizens of the nation. With warm regards.